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Designing your Business vision & Website

for eft practitioners

Are you a newly qualified EFT practitioner who needs all the practical things for your business: a logo, website, business card, client forms, etc.?

Have you been certified and practicing for a few years but just haven't got around to creating these essentials for yourself?

If you are in one of the above situations or somewhere in-between, then I want to extend a warm welcome to this offering!

As a creatively inclined, detail-oriented, lover-of-planning-and-projects kind of person, I have always enjoyed creating websites where visitors can land and immediately feel the intention and thought that went into the space. And this 'space' extends beyond the website, even into how we welcome people with an eye-catching logo, a beautiful business card, and cohesive client forms. It's important to offer potential and existing clients a high-quality and welcoming experience. If we're here to serve, let's do it well, and beautifully, too.

If you're ready to get it all done with your own two hands, I'm excited to support a fellow EFT'er to do just that! To get you started on your own DIY website, I've created a PDF roadmap for the process, which you can download below.

And, if you feel stressed about creating your website, or you feel nervous as heck about putting yourself out there with photos, videos, words, and setting your fees, I offer Business & Website Focused EFT sessions (more on this below). These sessions are an opportunity to work on the limiting beliefs specific to your business journey. 

A website roadmap: Bringing your authentic vision to life

Is the do-it-on-your-own process not for you? 

Do you struggle to translate your creative vision to the screen? Do you feel like you lack the skills, time and/or interest to invest in creating these aspects of your business? Would you rather not pay a design company a huge amount of money for a custom website and branding package? If any of this resonates, then my Business Vision & Website Design Package might feel like a fit, and I invite you to keep reading.
True to my very Aquarian nature, I always do things differently. I work to a high quality standard and I embrace going with Divine flow and flexibility. We'll talk about design details while calling in your Higher Self. This process will remain really human, intentional, and honest. It won't be stuffy or stressful. I'm also not just going to think my way through making you a website. I'm going to co-create with you, from the heart space, with attuned intuition.
I'm here to support you during an exciting and somewhat demanding stage of your journey: you're calling forth the Vision of your business. How you'll be in service. What that looks like for you, at this point in time. Let's honour and celebrate all that goes into that!

A glance at the process:

I always start with A free 30-minute Alignment Session

This initial chat is to see if we're a fit. Do our wants and needs align? Are you willing and able to commit to this journey?

If it's a yes, then we share a 90-minute vision & Design meeting

This is our foundation. It's about Connection and Intention. We start with some nervous system regulation and a guided visualisation to inspire you and call forth your Vision. We get into yummy design details. We will work with the concepts of a 'hero image' and an 'anchoring message.' We also discuss page structure and scheduling the written content. 

From here out, it's an 8-10 week journey to completion

This journey is about Co-creation, Focus, Flexibility & Authenticity. Each week, you will have an opportunity to share up to 90-minutes with me, which we will use to discuss design and writing, or to use EFT to move through blocks. I will include up to 4 x 75-minute EFT sessions, for free, to support you as needed. 

We'll finish with a 60-90 minute handover meeting

This is about Empowerment, Gratitude, and Celebration! I want you to feel confident to maintain and develop your website and Vision on your own. I'm going to take the time to guide you through the back-end of your website so that you can easily update the content, any time you need. I'll also show you some Canva basics so that moving forward, you can create new documents and images which align to your Vision. 

When we wrap up, You will receive:

1 x PDF Vision board for your reference, featuring your unique colour palette, fonts, and anchoring images
Up to 3 x Logo variation files ready to use for any application
1 x Business card design (front and back) which you can use for printing
Up to 3 x PDF Client forms, in a digitally fillable format, which fit cohesively with your Vision design
Up to 3 x Instagram-post templates on Canva which you can update and use as needed
1 x Fully Functioning and Authentic Website (booking and payments system integrated)

In order to serve you in the highest way, I will work with just a few practitioners at one time.

If you feel called to work with me, please use the button below.

book a 30-minute Alignment session

This is a co-creative process, which means you'll have to show up, too. 

We will work out a schedule together. The idea is that each week we both show up with something at the table. On my part, this may be a new design component, and for you, perhaps a written draft for one of the webpages. 
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Committing to the process. Generating the written content for your website will be a bit of work. It will take focus, eyes-on-the-prize kind of stuff, but you won't be alone. And I will always encourage flexibility, self-compassion and open-communication. 
  • Writing your content. I am fortunate to love writing, but I know not everyone does. I'm happy to listen to your ideas and brainstorm with you, especially at the beginning when you will likely be figuring out your greater message and point of view. Ultimately, your clients need to hear your voice, not mine. Don't worry, I will support you with tips, prompts and maps for writing.
  • Any legal requirements for your website are up to you. This means doing your research on items such as privacy policy, terms of use, terms and conditions and disclaimers. This also includes knowing what you can and cannot say for liability reasons and expectations from relevant associations or governing bodies, etc. It's not the most enjoyable task, but it's something you will have to address. I will create blank pages for any items you need and you will be responsible for filling in their content when you are ready. 

And with that said...

two ways we can work together:

I would like some emotional support while I do it myself!

'business & Website' FOcused EFT Sessions package

If the thought of putting yourself out there on a website makes you nervous and feels like a big ol' bump in the road, then I would love to support you to finding greater ease and confidence in this process. This is a great option if you have downloaded the free roadmap above and want to tackle it on your own (but you still want a cheerleader along the way).

$888 AUD

1 x 90 minute Discovery and Goal setting session
5 x 75 minute EFT Sessions

 I am happy to offer payment plans.

i'd like to co-create my business vision & receive Eft support.

Business vision & website design package

This is a tailored journey encompassing 8-10 weeks of co-creation. You will have access to weekly meetings for the duration, up to 90-minutes each.
Included in this package, for free:
4 x 75 minute EFT sessions
By the end, you will receive:
  • 1 x PDF Vision board with your colour palette, font and images
  • Up to 3 x Logo variation files ready to use for any application
  • 1 x Business card design (front and back) which you can use for printing
  • Up to 3 x PDF Client forms, in a digitally fillable format, which fit cohesively with your Vision design
  • Up to 3 x Instagram-post templates on Canva which you can update and use as needed
  • 1 x Fully Functioning and Authentic Website (booking and payments system integrated)

$2333 AUD

I am happy to offer payment plans.

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout NSW and Australia and their continuing connection to lands, waters and communities. I respect and recognise their culture and timeless wisdom. I acknowledge, in particular, the first people of the Darug nation as the original custodians of the land on which I live and work. I pay my respects to Elders both past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.

Header image: Photo by Dendy Darma Satyazi on Unsplash